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Denholm Reynholm

Corporate Profile

Made In Britain Reynholm Industries is a proudly British owned and operated company
Reynholm Industries was founded by ground-breaking businessman Denholm Reynholm, with nothing but a simple dream, and 6 million pounds. After quickly growing from its humble beginnings, Reynholm Industries now employs hundreds of staff. It is a business empire with an annual profit of over £1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000. But this rapid growth has never caused the business to stray from its original principals, set in place by Denholm personally upon founding the company.

Company Motto

"If you're not sexy, we don't want you working here"
This is the kind of place Reynholm is. A lot of sexy people not doing much work, and having affairs. We do everything we can to make this easier on our staff, by providing regular relaxation time and even unisex toilets. We do whatever it takes to make sure our staff are happy, because a happy worker is an efficient worker.

Douglas Reynholm

Douglas Reynholm Douglas Reynholm, continuing the proud Reynholm tradition into the future
In 2007, Reynholm Industries came under the control of Denholm's son Douglas. He has vowed to carry on the principles the company was founded upon, and continue the legacy of his father.

If you are a female staff member, please contact Douglas directly to book a more private meeting with him.